5 Beauty Tricks to Make Your Facial Sheet Mask More Effective

Sheet masks are the ultimate symbol of skincare and self-care, and you can never have enough. Is there anything more relaxing than lounging in your facial mask sheet, watching your favorite Netflix show, and waking up with the most glowing skin, ever? We didn’t think so. And as much as you love your facial mask sheets packed with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and other essences… there are ways to make them work even better. From double masking to sticking your products in the refrigerator next to the vegetables, here are the top five ways to make your sheet masks more effective.

1. Cleanse well

It may seem like a no-brainer, but you should start with a squeaky-clean canvas before applying your facial sheet mask. Even if you think you’ve washed off all your foundation from the day, there’s a very good chance you didn’t… and it’s difficult for the skin to absorb active ingredients from a facial sheet mask when pores are clogged with makeup and oil. Yuck. Double cleanse if you need to and ensure that your skin is crystal-clear to enhance the effects of your sheet mask.

2. Choose the right mask for you

Not all sheet masks are created equal. Some are made to target dryness and sensitive skin, while others are made for the acne-prone or those who deal with excess oil. And you need to pick the right facial sheet mask for your skin type. For instance, somebody with oily skin shouldn’t choose the most hydrating mask on the shelf, as it may clog the pores and causes breakouts. Meanwhile, those with sensitive skin may want to avoid harsher ingredients like Retinol, at least until their skin becomes accustomed to it. Shop around and discover the sheet mask that best works for your skincare routine!

3. Refrigerate your facial sheet masks

 Cold therapy has been used in Hollywood for decades, as A-listers used to dunk their heads in buckets of ice to reduce inflammation and achieve glowing skin for all the film premieres. Why do you think there are so many ice rollers and cold-based products in the beauty world today? It’s also the reason why storing your facial sheet masks in the refrigerator will make them work ten times as well - reducing the swelling and redness while helping the active ingredients sink into the skin with ease. You can either store them in your regular refrigerator or purchase a mini beauty fridge that’s designed specifically for your skincare products!

4. Double mask

 Back-to-back masks? Believe it. Try using two of your favorite sheet masks at night for an extra boost of dewiness that will have you dreaming of glowing skin before bed. Your first mask will sink into the skin for roughly 10-15 minutes, while you can wait roughly 20 minutes before applying your second mask onto damp, super-clean skin. It’s doubles the skincare and doubles the self-care.

5. Don’t wear it for too long

Contrary to popular belief, wearing a facial sheet mask for a longer time period will not make it work more effectively. In fact, it can even make things worse! Once all the essence from your mask has been absorbed into your mask, leaving it on can make these nourishing ingredients transfer from your skin (where it belongs!) back into the dry mask. Not cool. Wear your facial sheet mask for no longer than 10-20 minutes maximum for the best results.

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