5 Reasons Why You Need Lip Sleeping Masks

You’ve likely seen beauty influencers wear them on Instagram - the pink, hydrogel lip sleeping masks that look even better with a drink in your hand. These products don’t just make the best selfie moment, they also create your most perfect pout! Lip sleeping masks are enriched with nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, designed to make your lips more soft, sweet, and smoochable than ever. As much as you love your everyday chapstick, it doesn’t compare to a set of lip sleeping masks that give you a perfect pout overnight. And here are five reasons why you need them in your collection:

1. Lips need special treatment

 The skin on your lips isn’t like the skin on your face - it needs extra attention. You see, your lips have none of the sebaceous glands that keep your hair and skin moisturized - that’s why this feature gets dry and chapped more easily. One accidental bite can leave a mark, a couple days without chapstick can make you flaky, and don’t even get us started on the horror of dry lips in cold weather. They’re just sensitive, okay? That’s why lip sleeping masks are here to give your pout the love it deserves.


2. Ingredients sink in while you sleep

They aren’t kidding when they say that sleep is one of the best ways to stay healthy. You’re more alert, your metabolism works more effectively, and you even look better… especially when you’ve applied your favorite lip sleeping mask and woken up with a soft, smoochable pout. Wearing a lip mask for just 10-20 minutes before bed drenches your lips in nourishing ingredients, which then sink in during your (hopefully!) 8 hours of sleep to leave you with a perfect pout and major “I woke up like this” vibes. Buy a lip mask online and see for yourself!

You can use them daily

Most experts recommend that sheet masks only be used 2-3 times weekly in your skincare routine, as to not overwhelm your pores and cause breakouts. That’s not the case with lip sleeping masks! Lip sleeping masks can be used in your daily routine to keep your pout properly moisturized, without any fear of flakiness or dryness like you’d have with traditional sheet masks for the face.

 4. They work great with your lip scrub

Yes, you read that correctly. Lip scrub. Just like you exfoliate your face to unclog the pores and remove dirt, oil, and blackheads - your lips need a little love too. Preferably in the form of a scrub that gently removes all the impurities that build up over time. Even the best lip sleeping masks won’t do their best work when you have tons of dead skin cells standing in the way, which is why it’s important to exfoliate before purchasing your lip mask online. The perfect excuse to check out this luxurious skincare duo for the lips!

5. Your lipstick looks better

 Many will understand the struggle of trying to apply lipstick or gloss with dry lips. The color sinks into lip lines, doesn’t apply correctly, and just looks like a hot mess. Not in the good way. Sure, your trusted chapstick that you carry everywhere can help keep your lips moisturized and your bullet lipstick color looking bright, but it also needs a bit of help from lip sleeping masks. These ingredients nourish every night to help you wake up with pillow-soft lips - and you’ll realize the beauty of applying picture-perfect lipstick in just one swipe. All you need to do is buy a lip mask online!

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