K-Beauty Skin Care for Your Microbiome

Probiotic skincare that is based on the skin’s microbiome has been gaining ground over the last few years. Korean beauty brands were quick to capitalize on the trend while global brands are quickly following suit.

Why don’t we take a closer look at the science behind the movement?

What Is Microbiome?

Though we can’t see it, our skin is home to trillions of microorganisms like bacteria. Before you become alarmed, know that this is perfectly normal and is even essential for our skin to function properly. This ecosystem that resides on the layers of our skin is referred to as a microbiome.

While the association between skincare, microbiome, and probiotics is neither immediate nor obvious to most people, the principle of probiotic skincare is similar to that of oral probiotics. While oral probiotics restore and maintain balance in our bodies particularly our digestive systems, probiotic skincare focuses on restoring balance to the microbiome in our skin.

How Do You Damage Your Microbiome?

When the balance on our skin is off, skin problems like acne, psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea happen. It can manifest as sensitive or aging skin. Skin may lose elasticity, appear uneven, and develop wrinkles.

There are many things that damage this delicate balance. While genetics play a part, personal habits also affect it. Washing your skin too often and using harsh cleansers, an unhealthy diet, dehydration, synthetic fabrics, antibacterial soaps, and hand sanitizers negatively affect your skin’s microbiome.

Benefits of Probiotic Skin Care for Your Skin

Learn how probiotic skincare gives your skin’s microbiome a boost. Here are a few benefits.

Fights Acne and Eczema

Probiotics have an anti-inflammatory effect that soothes the rashes and red bumps caused by eczema and acne. It also slows down excess sebum production which causes pimples.

Hydrates the Skin

Probiotics enable the lipids in your skin to absorb moisture. A probiotic-based formula enhances your skin’s natural ability to remain hydrated.

Restores Normal pH Levels of the Skin

When your skin’s pH levels are too high or low, the microbiome in your skin is unbalanced. This can cause inflammation. Probiotics restore normal pH levels by producing lactic acid. 

Strengthens the Skin’s Barrier

Probiotics enhance your skin’s resistance against water loss and oxidative tension. A probiotic skincare routine shields your skin from environmental factors that damage the skin’s microbiome.

Best Korean Skin Care Products With Probiotics: Honey Jarret

Korea is well known for the quality and variety of its skincare products. Honey Jarret is an international K-beauty brand that has embraced probiotics-based skincare. Its founders Cameron Kim and Jarret Lee built the company based on a common interest in creating the next clean beauty skincare brand. They have since developed some of the best probiotic skincare products out there with their Biome+ skincare line.

The Biome+ beauty line offers a:

#1. Gel Cleanser

The Biome+ Gel Cleanser contains polyglutamic acid, panthenol, Jarret tea extract, and synbiotics which together moisturize and refresh tired skin. Since it removes impurities and controls sebum production, it makes a great face cleanser for acne-prone skin.

If you’ve been looking for a face cleanser for acne-prone skin, the Biome+ Gel Cleanser is also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and restores the skin’s pH balance.

#2. Active Serum

Applied after cleansing, the Active Serum maintains skin’s moisture throughout the day while improving skin texture and refreshing dull, tired skin. It contains collagen and Jarret tea base which strengthens the skin barrier and increases skin’s elasticity.

#3. Comfort Cream

Honey Jarret’s Comfort Cream hydrates and soothes skin without the oiliness. It contains collagen, Jarret tea complex, green propolis, and Bakuchiol — an ingredient that has similar effects as retinol. This cream boosts collagen production and prevents aging.

#4. Acne Spot Treatment

Bid acne goodbye with Biome+ Acne Spot Treatment. Like all the products in the Biome+ skincare line, this spot treatment contains Jarret tea complex to help minimize acne without drying skin.

All products from this clean beauty skincare brand line have hydrating, nourishing, and soothing properties. They are affordable, high quality, natural, and safe for sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t unusual to have many small pots and tubes of creams, serums, and ointments in your arsenal. If you’ve given many products a try but have yet to find your holy grail, consider using probiotic skincare products from Honey Jarret. They are designed to restore balance to your skin’s microbiome. As you know by now, probiotics-based skincare has many benefits so you may want to give this science-backed regimen a try.

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