Clean Beauty a skincare revolution – or a pointless indulgence?

With the global focus on clean and green, the beauty and skincare industry has also seen a tremendous shift in that direction. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the beauty industry is seeing a revolution of sorts - the “Clean Beauty” revolution.

Brands both big and small are going the socially conscious route and adopting clean practices and clean and green ingredients. The term has also been trending on social media and every influencer worth their grain of salt has been promoting “clean products”.

We’ve entered the era of “clean beauty”.

While there’s no set definition of the term yet, what it implies is chemical-free, and non-toxic. If campaigns from various brands are to be considered, “clean beauty” is committed to a chemical-free, non-toxic, and 100% natural skincare routine. It is dedicated to promoting a clean beauty skincare line that is consciously created, using ethically sourced ingredients beneficial for your skin and the environment as well.

So, what’s the catch?

While there’s not one to speak of, the debate rages on whether clean skincare is actually a hype or has merit. According to detractors, the term clean is just an advertising strategy that aims to sell more by dividing beauty products into toxic and non-toxic or just good and bad.

Supporters of the movement, on the other hand, point to some of the “most harmful” ingredients that are commonly seen in most skincare products. Parabens and SLS are considered the major culprits, one a commonly used preservative and the other is responsible for creating the foam in soaps, shampoos, and shower gels. Many dermatologists however disagree, saying that reactions vary from person to person.

According to the Guardian, the cleanest approach to cosmetics would be to use none at all. Not many people seem to be taking that to heart, given that the beauty industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Despite the contention, both camps agree on one irrefutable point-

Skincare Is Essential!

So, whether you consider “clean beauty” a skincare revolution or a pointless indulgence, the fact remains that taking care of your skin is one way of loving yourself. Using non-harmful or non-toxic products by switching to a clean beauty skincare product line can be a great way of showing how much you value your skin.

It is a revolution against harmful chemicals and unpleasant ingredients that will eventually damage your skin. It is finally taking a stand that you've had enough of those toxic components and that clean beauty is the better option for you.

While many would call it an indulgence, they’d all agree that it is definitely not a pointless one. Your skin deserves to be pampered and given some TLC. As the saying goes- “Invest in your skin. It’s going to represent you for a very long time.”

Your skin deserves better. Although you are used to certain brands or products, switching it up once in a while, especially when an alternative like clean beauty comes along is worthwhile, wouldn’t you agree?

Transitioning to Clean Beauty skincare products

To switch to clean and start using non-toxic products, you need to welcome the transition fully. You don't go back to your usual routine and products because of a misstep or an initial disappointment.

  • Know the content – Focus on the primary goal of clean beauty and commit to it. Start getting familiar and being conscious of the ingredients in the products you buy. As they say, "it pays to check the label," and it really does. Look for paraben-free, preservative-free, sulfate-free indicators – the most common indicators that you are buying a clean beauty product. You can also keep an eye on green, organic, and all-natural. Awareness is important and is the first step to transitioning to clean beauty.
  • Be influenced by social media – most clean beauty products today are those you did not grow up with. These are new brands, with most of their marketing being done on social media. Follow, heart, and comment. Subscribe and get notified of new releases. Remember to check reviews and feedback of those who have tried the products.
  • Make the swap gradually – throwing away all your existing creams, lotions, and cosmetics and becoming a 100% clean beauty advocate in one day is neither feasible nor practical. Try one product at a time. If it contains toxic ingredients replace it with a clean one. Do a patch test and observe how it works for you, and if you are happy with it. Then replace another skincare product after a week until you've finally transitioned completely.

The lesser chemicals you get exposed to, the better your skin will be in the next five to ten years. But beyond this obvious fact, the real divide is whether clean beauty skincare products are really your best option and worth the switch. Now that is a call only you can take.

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