Glowing Skin Inside Out: Black Tea Kombucha

Dewy, glowing skin is a real possibility thanks to advances in the beauty industry. Skincare products have their charm but their effects are seldom long-term.

What do you do if you want long-term effects? You watch what you eat. Diet plays a major role in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. If you’re someone who keeps up with the trends on the internet, you must already be familiar with the waves kombucha is generating in the wellness industry.

From using hydrating face mists and facial mask sheets to drinking it, kombucha comes in many forms. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented, fizzy sweet-and-sour drink made from green or black tea. It is fermented by bacteria and yeast. It’s sometimes referred to as kombucha tea.

Why Is Black Tea Kombucha Good For Your Skin?

Kombucha has been around for thousands of years. However, it was only recently that the tea and its benefits gained popularity through the internet.

What can kombucha do for our skin?

Makes Skin Look Younger

As we age, skin loses its elasticity. Taut skin and that youthful glow won’t stick around forever. Aging paves the way for wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet.

While we can’t reverse its effects, kombucha tea acts as a natural antioxidant. It keeps skin safe from free radicals and pollutants in the air, thereby reducing the effects of aging on our skin. Using a kombucha facial mask sheet every now and then can also do the trick.

Clearer Complexion

Kombucha contains lactic acid bacteria, a bacteria known for exfoliating the skin. This brightens the skin and evens out the skin tone. As our skin absorbs toxins found in the environment, drinking kombucha tea can help restore it to its former youthful glory.

Reduces Acne

The internal imbalance of good and bad bacteria affects how our skin looks on the outside. Since kombucha has a colony of beneficial microbes, they work to keep the bacterial balance in check. This balance can help treat skin conditions like acne and rosacea.

Hydrates Skin

As a liquid drink, kombucha hydrates the body and skin making it look plump, healthy, and glowing. Kombucha can also be used as a hydrating face mist.

Protects Skin From Damage

Free radicals can start chain reactions that potentially damage our cells. At its worst, they can lead to the death of our cells. Antioxidants are said to inhibit these chain reactions.

Black tea kombucha is brimming with antioxidants. Drinking kombucha tea can help your skin prevent damage caused by harmful UV rays and pollution. Kombucha acts as a barrier, keeping the skin safe from the effects of aging by reversing the damage done by pollutants in the air.

Gives Glowing Skin

Kombucha is rich in B vitamins. These B vitamins are vital for maintaining and producing new healthy cells that make the skin glow. Drinking kombucha tea can help your body receive the B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, and B12) it needs to keep skin healthy and glowing.

Reduces Dark Circles

Probiotics firm and tone the skin. Pair this with the tightening effect of caffeine in black tea and it’s the perfect recipe for reducing dark circles. Kombucha keeps the skin hydrated and also tightens the skin around the eyes.

Detoxifies Skin

Kombucha eliminates unwanted toxins from the gut. Kombucha is said to boost immune function and the health of the intestinal cells. This detoxifies the skin and helps maintain the balance between good and bad bacteria.

Kombucha: Good For Your Health and Skin

Kombucha sure gives meaning to the saying: “You are what you eat.” Or in this case, what you drink. Indeed, this drink is packed with antioxidants and bacteria that can help you get your glow back. It also keeps your gut health in check and ensures your skin doesn’t get damaged by free radicals and pollutants in the air.

Kombucha tea does wonders for your skin and even has multiple health benefits. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t include it in your diet and skincare. Kombucha is considered safe and can be consumed daily but if you have some concerns, you can always check with a nutritionist.

With its many benefits to your health and skin, why not give kombucha a try?

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