K-Beauty Mirror Skin: Glowing Skin That Looks Almost Reflective

"By taking the hydro-plumped and glossy glass skin to the next level, the goal is to achieve intense translucence inside and out, with top luminosity so that when you look at your face in the mirror, you'll see your own reflection from your own skin."

Have you ever noticed how clear and luminous Korean women’s skin are? It’s an enviable asset that the mirror or glass skin trend takes to the next level.

What is K-Beauty Mirror Skin?

Along with K-pop or Korean popular music, K-beauty is taking over as well. With it comes the Korean standard of beauty that espouses clear beautiful skin that looks poreless.

K-beauty mirror skin is focused on lending a mirror-like radiance to the skin whether it’s by adopting Korean skincare treatments or through foundation makeup that’s designed to give skin a glowy sheen.

Is Mirror Skin A Skincare Or Makeup Trend?

Achieving mirror skin is a little of both. You can nurture your skin to have a dewy radiance while those of us not born with naturally luminous skin can work for the same effect by using certain makeup products.

Whichever way you decide to go about it, mirror skin is definitely a trend. You’ll easily find many bloggers and YouTube vloggers discussing it on the internet.

How To Naturally Achieve the Mirror Skin Effect

Getting natural mirror skin entails using skin nourishing products that enable skin to absorb maximum nutrients, nourishment, and hydration from skincare products. The traditional K-beauty routine can mean as many as ten different steps (and products).

This can be a bit much for those of us who are hard-pressed for time and don’t have the budget for such an extensive skincare routine so our beauty editors have narrowed it down to six steps.

#1. Cleansing

For the mirror skin effect, you need an oil cleanser and a deep foam cleanser. Start with the oil cleanser to wash away excess sebum, dirt, and makeup residue. Follow it up with a foam cleanser to unclog your pores and remove additional impurities.

#2. Exfoliating

After cleansing, gently exfoliate skin with an oatmeal or apricot scrub to remove dead skin cells. This will help you get rid of pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and flaky skin which is definitely not part of the mirror skin look.

#4. Toning

Toners replenish your skin and maintain your skin’s pH levels. It also prepares your skin to receive nourishment from the face serums, moisturizers, and anything else you’ll be applying next. Choose a toner that contains no alcohol so it won’t dry your skin.

#5. Hydrating

Hydration is key to achieving mirror skin. K-beauty routines can have three steps which are applied in the following order for hydrating skin:

  1. Face serum
  2. Emulsion or ampoules
  3. Moisturizer

All three provide hydration to the skin but have different textures and benefits depending on the skincare product you choose. Face serums have more concentrated formulations but are thicker than emulsions. Emulsions have the thinnest consistency among the three while moisturizers are the thickest and are usually applied last.

You can choose hydrating products that target specific skin issues such as dullness, uneven skin tone, acne, and acne scars.

#6. Protection

Protect your skin from the sun by adding a layer of sunscreen. You can easily make this part of your beauty routine by using a moisturizer or foundation makeup that already has an SPF component in it.

Additional K-Beauty Steps

If you want to do more for your skin, you can also incorporate other skincare steps/products that are part of the traditional K-beauty regimen. These include:

  • Peel-off or sheet masks
  • Eye creams
  • Facial mist sprays
  • Essences (they have a watery or gel-like consistency that hydrate and provide additional benefits like anti-aging and brightening)

Korean Beauty Products For Glowing Skin

Get your Korean-inspired glow with these Korean skincare products.

#1. Whamisa Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist

If you’re a fan of facial mist sprays, then you’ll love Whamisa Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist. Over 95% of its ingredients are organic. It is also water-free and exclusively made of botanical extracts.

The Olive Leaf Mist is a blend of olive, chrysanthemum, green tea, and aloe extracts which hydrate and soothe dry skin. Its hydrating properties help ensure a luminous and dewy complexion.

#2. Leegeehaam Grow Tea Tree 70 Spot Treatment

This Korean product is a natural blend of tea tree leaf extracts, glycerin, and sunflower seed oil. Its formula is powered by various botanical ingredients that work together to soothe your skin, erase dark spots, and relieve inflammation.

#3. NEOGEN Joan Day and Night Vita Duo Cream

NEOGEN Joan Day and Night Vita Duo Cream works as a day and night cream to give you 24 hours of hydration. Enriched with vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea, and gardenia Florida fruit extracts, this moisturizer brightens skin for radiant mirror skin. It can also be used as a makeup base. 

Go Get Your Glow

Enviable mirror skin radiance is only six (or so) steps away. Go forth and get your mirror skin going. We wish you clear and radiant skin ahead!

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