Oily Skin Do’s and Don’ts

Teens are not the only ones who suffer from oily skin. We experience this awkward phase well into our 40s and even up to our 50s. Unfortunately, the persistently greasy-face look is never going to be a trend. So, you need to address this issue.

Excess oil in your skin will give you a multitude of problems. Your pores can get bigger and clogged. As a result, dead skin cells will have a party in your pores and soon, they will be joined by acne and zits.

You may have experimented with products, such as a cleanser for oily skin, or an oil- absorbing blotting film, but the problem persists. Don’t fret. We’re here to guide you on seven dos and don’ts for the oily skin type!


  1. Do use Non-comedogenic products. Comedogenic products clog pores and add to your problems by worsening your acne. If oily skin is your bane, always pick non-comedogenic ones when shopping for new skincare products.

  2. Do reduce stress and anxiety. Stress kills! It also affects your skin. Stress triggers the stress hormone cortisol which in turn boosts oil production. Relax on things that you have no control over, practice yoga or meditation, pray if you are religious, and don’t be hard on yourself. Laugh those problems away (including your skin problem) and spend more time on activities that bring you joy.

  3. Do wash your face every day and night. Do this religiously. Make sure to pick a face wash that is oil-free and Ph-balanced to unclog your pores. Better yet, create a strict a.m. and p.m. schedule to wash your face. Set an alarm if you have to!

  1. Do pick the right makeup. Pick foundations, concealers, and even powder that are “shine-free” or have “mattifying” written on their label. For eyeliners or eyeshadows, you can get ones that are compatible with your oily skin. Find the ones that say “smudge-free” or ‘budge-proof”.

  2. Do go for gentle facial peels. Gentle peels only focus on solving problems in your target areas, which is a good thing, as it will leave the rest of your face alone. It also targets dead dirt buildup. While you may be tempted to go for a harsh exfoliator, don’t- because it will only do more damage by spreading the oil to other areas of your face. Stop yourself and trust the gentle face peel!

  3. Do apply SPF. If you’re the outdoorsy type and are frequently exposed to the sun, your face will be prone to breaking out. Use a sunscreen but pick an SPF that is specifically designed for oily skin.


  1. Don’t touch your face. And don’t pick it, too! If you can’t resist squeezing and picking your pimples and acne, remember you are only adding to the dirt, germs, and bacteria on your skin.

  2. Don’t fall asleep on a dirty pillowcase. When was the last time you cleaned your pillowcase? Sleeping on one with dried saliva stains, dead skin cells, and sweat will aggravate your problem. Pillowcases absorb grease and dirt, so imagine sleeping on them every night. Gross. Changing your pillowcases frequently.

  3. Don’t just get a random face mask. Check if the label of your face mask mentions harsh enemies of the oily skin type: sunflower oil, coconut oil, and mineral oil. These natural oils will block your pores and can cause your acne to worsen. Also, check if your face mask is alcohol-based, too, because it will zap your skin’s natural moisture and that’s even worse.

  1. Don’t medicate too much. Having skin issues can understandably make you panic. As a result, you may find yourself experimenting with treatments; worse, you might be using them all at the same time. It’s counterproductive! You will only end up aggravating your skin.

  2. Don’t avoid moisturizers. It’s not true that only those with dry skin type need moisturizers. Oily skin needs moisture too. If you skip this, your skin will produce more oils to overcompensate for lack of moisture. Instead, select the ones that are formulated to be oil-free and lightweight.

  3. Don’t over-cleanse. You might be tempted to overuse that cleanser for oily skin and cleanse your face any time you feel greasy. Bad move. Stick to once or twice a day, or after you hit the gym and you are all sweaty.

  4. Don’t use products that are alcohol-based or oil-based. Using products that are oil- or alcohol-based will trick your brain into thinking you have extremely dry skin! As a result, your brain will send a memo to your sebaceous glands to produce more sebum or skin oils. You don’t want that.

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