The Importance Of Skin Hydration

If you want to create the ultimate skincare routine to make your skin glow, there are a few key ingredients that you cannot do without. And hydration forms a major contributing factor.

Water, which forms 70% of our body content, is undeniably important for our bodies to function properly. It is an essential element in the daily functioning of our organs, including the largest organ — our skin. Let’s take a closer look at how hydration, or lack thereof, affects our skin.

What Happens When You Don’t Hydrate

Lack of hydration can make the skintight, dry, and flaky.

The problem with dry skin is that it becomes less resilient and can lead to problems like the outer layers’ cells developing gaps, thus making the barriers less robust at keeping out harmful substances. Such problems can make the skin more sensitive and develop reactions such as becoming red, itchy, and flaky.

Dehydrated skin can also become more susceptible to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The surface skin cells that are dry and flaky don’t reflect light as well, which can lead to the skin looking dull and unhealthy.


Why Is Hydrating Necessary?

Here are some of the most important reasons to ensure that your skin is well-hydrated:

1. Improving Elasticity Of Your Skin

It is the elasticity and suppleness of your skin that make it look youthful.

Elasticity is essentially what makes your skin fight gravity and the effects of aging. There are other added incentives to the skin when it is elastic, for example, it is less inclined to get wrinkles or sag.

With age, the production of collagen reduces. Collagen contributes to the elasticity of the skin. Water is one of the major elements of collagen. So, to maintain good amounts of collagen, we need to ensure that we hydrate adequately. This can be complemented by applying good moisturizing skincare products and using a hydrating face mist.

2. Flushing Out Toxins

The body encounters a lot of toxins on a regular basis during your day.

Unclean air is one of the major elements you are exposed to, which is certainly a contributor. It can deteriorate several aspects of your health and affect the production of free radicals.

The inadvertent reactions caused by the free radicals can cause the skin to prematurely undergo aging. However, our bodies are equipped to deal with this. There are systems in the body that flush out these toxins, and water is a key component.

3. Radiant Glow

When you skip on hydrating and moisturizing your skin for too long, you will notice your skin becoming stretched out and dry. Dry skin is dull, wrinkly, and can feel paper-like.

On the other hand, hydrated skin looks healthy and radiant. It is important to drink plenty of water to retain that radiant glow to the skin. But it will often take weeks, consistency, and patience for you to see any noticeable changes.

4. Reducing Oil Production In Your Skin

We all know how annoying oily skin can become. And the traditional response to this has been to stay away from moisturizing products. However, drinking more water is important to help you to regulate the sebum production in the skin to ensure a healthier skin barrier.

Ways To Hydrate Your Skin Efficiently

When you diligently focus on properly hydrating your skin, you will get skin that is much healthier, softer, and smoother. Bright, supple, and resilient skin is incredibly pleasing to the eye as well!

There are a lot of ways to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Water can be retained in the skin through the consumption of food and drink. You can also hydrate your skin externally by using moisturizers, emollients, or a facial mask sheet.

You can also use a hydrating facial mist formulated for dry skin specifically. There are a number of effective hydrating face mists available online that you can consider using consistently. Products rich in glycerine and hyaluronic acid are perfect for hydrating your skin, and squalane (a less-greasier version of sebum) is quite the rage now as well.

Skincare is complex and can often feel challenging. It can be easy to forget that your skin lives, breathes, and requires water. So don’t hesitate to slather on a moisturizer, and drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin, regardless of how old you are!

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