Top 5 Daily Glam Essentials You'll Need

Whether you’re a beginner at makeup or an absolute pro with cosmetics, having a bag of makeup essentials is always a good idea. With just a few basic products, you can liven up your appearance in no time.

What we love about the art of makeup is that everyone can learn and acquire the skills necessary as they figure out their aesthetic. Regardless of what your sense of style is, here are the top 5 daily glam essentials you’ll need to pull off a flawless look any time of the day!

1. Full Coverage Foundation

A great foundation that matches your skin tone will create a flawless base for the other products. When it comes to a good foundation, there are three types of coverage — light, medium, and full.

If you’re looking to create a full-glam look, you might want to invest in a high-quality full coverage foundation. It is often assumed that full coverage would lead to heavy, cakey layers, but if applied correctly, you can have an even and smooth coverage that will conceal blemishes while leaving you with a glowing canvas to work on. 

2. Mascara To Make Your Lashes Pop

With the right mascara, you can create the illusion of super-long lashes that would be the statement piece of your makeup. You could even add in fake lashes to give your look a dramatic finish. A good coat of mascara will frame your eyes elegantly, while adding some volume and curl to your lashes.

Investing in a waterproof mascara is also a great idea to avoid any black streaks ruining your look. Mascaras are great not just for a full glam look, but they also help accentuate the no-makeup makeup look!

You could also use a clear mascara if you want to stick to a more natural look. A couple of coats of clear mascara can help define your lashes without any clumps.

3. Liquid Eyeliner For The Perfect Wings

This intimidating product can be a little tricky to master when you try it out for the first time. But once you’ve figured out how to properly use it, we can guarantee you that the finish will knock your socks off!

A useful tip is to use a primer on your eyelids before applying the liquid eyeliner. Let it dry and you can dust some powder on it to create a more matte effect. With one flick, you can achieve that perfect cat-eye that will make heads turn!

Eyeliner is never going out of style. Next to mascara, it is one of the best makeup products that you can use to frame your eyes. Go for the classic cat eyes, a smoky smudgy look, or a tight line, use it right and you can change your entire look with a single flick of a brush!

4. Lipstick To Make Your Pout Stand Out

It is a no-brainer that lipsticks are an absolute must-have if you’re wearing makeup, novice or experienced. They add color, texture, and even protection to your lips while enhancing your overall appearance.

The right color of lipstick can easily brighten up your appearance. You can even consider wearing signature colors to complement your style! A pop of color is always a great addition to your aesthetic.

You can go from drab to being an absolute diva using a lipstick that compliments your look and the occasion!

5. Setting Spray For The Perfect Finish

A good facial mist spray contains water and polymers that hydrate your skin after you’ve applied makeup and prevent it from looking cakey. This product especially helps those with oily skin!

Setting sprays also prevent your makeup from creasing, fading, and smudging and helps your makeup stay on for longer. Heavy-duty makeup wearers have been swearing by using facial mist sprays forever now.

But remember, setting sprays are specially formulated to keep your makeup in place. It is not a substitute for skincare. Makeup setting sprays will typically contain alcohol, so overusing it can cause skin dryness. You can combat this by making sure that your skin is adequately hydrated and moisturized before you apply any makeup. 

With the above products, you can transform your everyday makeup look into super and fabulous! Just get a handle on how to use them to better suit your features, and you’re good to go.

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