Try These Lip Masks to Turn That Frown Upside Down

From sunburns and dehydration to the effects of smoking and hormones, your lips go through a lot in a single lifetime. The fact is your lips dry quicker than the rest of your skin does. So, if you’re falling sick, if the temperatures drop, if the air around lacks moisture, or if your diet isn’t up to the mark, your lips are going to take the first hit.

Lips are sensitive; however, they heal super-fast when treated with the right kind of products. Chap-sticks and lip balms are a good temporary fix. For long-term effects, switch to using daytime lip masks and lip sleeping masks that give your lips proper nourishment. 

Here is a list of some lip care ingredients to add to your lip care routine:

1.   Collagen Based Lip Masks

Most lip masks online that contain collagen and peptides in them sell like hotcakes and they have ratings of anywhere between 4.5 and 5. Easily found on Amazon and Etsy, such lip masks contain a combination of collagen and peptides, and this powerful formula helps restore damaged lip tissue and it can be applied at any time during the day as well as before bedtime for improved results. Since your skin can absorb such a mask in no time it can also be used before you get to work or while you’re doing chores.

2.   Shea Based Lip Masks

Lip masks that are made up of yummy Shea butter, a blend of mango and cocoa extracts, and jojoba and castor oils are the best source of nourishment for your lips. They smell good, they work with double action on your skin, and they lend a long-lasting effect.

Such lip sleeping masks need to be applied in a nice thick layer to make sure they work effectively. Hence, it’s best to apply them at night before bed. Leave them on overnight so they can work their magic.

3.   Jelly Lip Masks

Packed with squalene, these lip masks are non-adhesive and jelly-like in texture and provide some extra hydrating power. Most jelly lip masks feel soft on your skin and contain fragrant fruit waters and exotic flower extracts.

While looking for lip mask online, try to find one that contains camellia seed oil. This ingredient smoothens the cracks on your lips and keeps them super soft.

4.   Berry Based Lip Masks

Nothing like berry magic for your lips! If you’ve noticed, most lip balms and lip scrubs are made out of berries or cherries, and they are hugely popular both for their flavor and fragrance. Mixed with softening butter, natural oils, and berry extracts, such lip masks absorb quickly, restore chapped lips, and revive your lip color overnight.

5.   Lanolin Based Lip Masks

Lanolin-based lips masks that contain lanolin oil are super strong and effective. Such products are packed with powerful hydrating agents that liven up dead skin cells and moisturize chapped lips like nothing else under the sun. Apply it overnight and bid farewell to all your other lip balms and products for good.

6.   Honey Based Lip Masks

Honey and coconut oil combine to work wonders when it comes to getting rid of lip lines. Mix both and apply it over your lips. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off slowly. This potent honey-based lip sleeping mask can easily be made at home. Store it in the refrigerator and use it at least once a week for good results.

7.   Lip Masks for Smokers

Smokers often have wrinkled lips with dry and scaly skin. The most prominent effect of smoking shows on the lips as they tend to darken and lose their pinkish tinge. Use lip sleeping mask for dry patch that made from natural ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocados, and honey. Such ingredients are rich in Vitamin E and help bring your lips back to life after years of damage.

Why Use Lip Masks?

Although you always keep a great lip balm handy, your lips are delicate and sensitive, and they will always need some extra TLC. Turn that frown upside down by incorporating lip masks into your beauty regime.

Lip masks come in all sorts of colors, flavors, sizes, and prices. Some are packed with balmy treats while some are made up of stronger formulas. From lip sheets to lip sleeping masks, choose from a wide range of lip masks that won’t break your budget and meet your skin care goals to a tee. It’s time to put that smile back where it belongs.

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