What Is A Lip Sleeping Mask And How Do I Use It?

Do you constantly wake up with dry, chapped lips? We’re talking about the kind that makes you reach for a bottle of water for some much-needed hydration. If the answer is yes, this article is for you.

Lip masks are great for getting rid of dead skin cells so you can wake up with soft, plump, and smooth lips every day. A lip sleeping mask acts as a moisturizing agent. It forms a protective film over the lips, locking in moisture and active ingredients to leave your lips soft and supple. In short, they hydrate, repair, and moisturize your lips.

You can choose from a host of flavors that include rose, lemon honey, green apple, and lime.

Who Are These For?

Anyone with consistent issues of dryness and parched lips can use lip sleeping masks as part of their daily skincare regimen.

Most lip masks contain the same essential hydrating ingredients namely hyaluronic acid, Vitamins C and E, cocoa butter, almond oil, and collagen. While they are gentle and safe for daily use, it is always recommended that you take a patch test before use.

The application process is simple too. While most lip masks need to be left on overnight, you’ll find a few that need to be left on only for 15-20 minutes.

They are so efficient that many users attest to having replaced their regular lip balms with lip masks and with noticeable results.

Wondering what the difference is?

Lip balms have a thicker texture and contain beeswax to prevent moisture from escaping while lip masks are lighter, and their main purpose is to provide hydration to the lips.

How Do You Use Lip Sleeping Masks?

Using a lip sleeping mask is easy. Use the applicator to apply the hydrating lip mask generously over the lips. It’s best done before you go to bed so the mask can work its magic on your lips while you are asleep.

Next morning, remove any residue from your lips using a gentle wipe. You can also use a piece of tissue or a cotton pad to wipe your lip clean.

If you are using a lip mask during the day it’s best to use one with SPF.

Here are some things to remember while using a lip mask:

  • Lying down during application helps the mask work better
  • Exfoliate your lips before you do
  • Pat dry your lips before and after

The Benefits

Using a lip mask before bedtime helps in getting rid of stubborn dead skin cells while providing your lips with abundant moisture so that they can be soft and supple. Lip masks have a soft texture that enables quick absorption. A generous application before bedtime reduces flakiness and gives you lips that are just right for a picture-perfect pout.

In addition, these masks also provide antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients to the skin.

Things To Look Out For

While applying lip sleeping masks should not be cause for concern in most cases, keep the following points in mind.

In case of red spots, irritation, or swelling of the lips, contact your dermatologist at the earliest. 

Also, avoid using a lip mask if you have sore lips, dermatitis, and other skin-related issues.

Store the mask in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children.
You’ll agree that not all skin is created equal. Therefore, while a particular lip mask might work brilliantly for your friend, it might not do the same for you. It’s always better to go with a lip mask that suits your specific skin type.

It’s all In the Lips

Your lips are the focal point of your face. So, replenish and rejuvenate your lips with a kiss of moisture. Take your lips from dull, dry, and cracked to smooth, soft, and radiant with a nourishing and hydrating lip mask.


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    When is the honey lemon lip mask going to be back in stock? This is THE BEST lip mask treatment on the market hands down. I’ve tried many others including the Lainge that garbed so much attention recently but it pales in comparison to the Honey Jarrett lemon honey mask. Please get that back in the shop :) thank you!

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    I loved the sample I got in my glam bag and panicked when I was running low. I ordered the regular size but would like to know members get a discount or can I use my points on this.

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