Brand Story

of Honey Jarret

Honey Jarret is an international clean beauty brand designed for 21st century living. We welcome people from all cultures, nationalities and religions, and are made for women who have a passion for life and treasure their health and beauty.

Honey Jarret started with Jarret Lee and Cameron Kim, who met each other at a New York Fashion Show. They found they share similar passion in beauty and decided to create a genuinely clean beauty brand for modern women who are confident, dynamic yet health conscious.  Jarret, a fashion designer, has witnessed many models’ skin and health deteriorating from the use of wrong products even if they are expensive and branded. “I love to bring beauty products that put users’ skin and health front and centre rather than those that appeals by gimmicks or nice packaging.”

Cameron, a veteran in beauty product development and branding, believes that “To make great products at reasonable price, good concepts and good ingredients are not enough. You must also have the right formulation and well-curated manufacturing.”

Jarret’s team from across the world are dedicated to creating a more natural, affordable, and healthy range of clean beauty products inspired by vitamins, minerals, teas and organic materials that have been scientifically proven to benefit you and your skin.