Brand Story

of Honey Jarret

Honey Jarret is an international clean beauty brand designed for 21st century living. We embrace diversity and value people from all cultures, nationalities and religions.  Our products are made for people who have a passion for life and treasure their health and beauty.

Honey Jarret founders - Jarret Lee and Cameron Kim met each other at a New York Fashion Show. They found they shared a similar passion for beauty and decided to create a genuinely clean beauty brand for modern women who are confident, dynamic and equally health conscious.  Jarret, a fashion designer, was inspired to help solve what she identified as a serious problem in the beauty industry after witnessing the deteriorating skin condition and health of many models using expensive brand name products.

“I love to introduce beauty products that emphasize healthy skin rather than those that appeal to people by using gimmicks or nice packaging,” Lee said.

Cameron, a veteran in beauty product development and branding, believes that,  “Making great products at a reasonable price with a good concept and good ingredient is not enough. You must also have the right formulation and well-curated manufacturing.”

Honey Jarret’s team all over the world is dedicated to creating a more natural, affordable, and healthy range of clean beauty products packed with vitamins, minerals, teas and organic materials that have been scientifically proven to benefit you and your skin.