Honey Jarret DNA

We believe in the clean beauty movement.

Honey Jarret is about empowering you to make better choices - better choices for your skin, for yourself and for the planet. We are a clean beauty brand, specialising in products enhanced with natural ingredients to care for and nourish your skin.

Brand Mission

· Our mission is to create the best clean beauty products that are both luxurious and affordable.

· Our beauty products are made of 100% clean ingredients that are non-toxic and non-harmful to give you the perfect balance of healthy and beauty.

· We will simplify your makeup routine with products that are compact, effective, and simple to use.

Product Philosophy

From weight to protection

Get out of repetitive routines that irritate and burden your skin with sub-par ingredients and unnecessary fragrances. We offer makeup skincare made with healthy, high quality ingredients formulated to minimize irritation and let your natural beauty shine through.

From dryness to moisture

Everyday dirt and pollution can take a toll on your skin and damage its natural moisture barrier. We use ingredients that help keep the skin moisturized regardless of sun exposure and seasonal temperature changes.

From colour to correction

The more you hide behind layers of makeup, the faster your skin ages. Our products contain beneficial ingredients that help even skin tone and texture.


· We use 100% clean ingredients that are non-toxic and non-harmful to skin and health.

· We created Jarret Tea, which is the base water widely used in our products. Jarret Tea is made of superfoods designed to supercharge your skin.

· We source the best and innovative ingredients all over the world that are good for the skin.

· Optimum portion and formulation of ingredients is critical to make sure the product is easy to use, yet still affordable.

Our Promises

Aligned with our lovely planet

We care about the impact that we have on our planet and believe that the production of our products shouldn’t cause unnecessary harm. We do not test on animals. The wood source used within our packaging is forest management certification (FSC) certified. FSC confirms that the forest is being managed that preserves biological diversity and benefits local community and economic viability. We also use ink made from soybean as the printing ink within our packaging. Compared to traditional petroleum-based ink, soy-based ink is accepted as more environmentally friendly.