Review: Kaylee

Age : 16
Skintype : Mixed
Location : New Port Richey
Occupation : Beauty Influencer
Quick and easy ❤️

I'm a beauty influencer on Instagram, I'm a high school student that always try to find the quickest and easiest beauty products to use in the morning before I leave for school. I usually take up to 20 minutes to do a natural look, but since I started using this foundation it only takes me 10-15 minutes!

My daily routine usually is foundation, setting powder, mascara, eyebrows, and sometimes eyeliner and false lashes. My skin is a mixture of dry and oily skin depending on the weather and season. I do suffer from acne and this foundation covers the redness fully! I do have some scars on my face and they have a yellowish tone to them and the foundation covers that up too! This foundation is buildable, medium to full coverage, it covers dark circles, blemishes, and redness with a dewy, glowy, flawless finish. This product help my routine but cutting out 5-10 mins of my normal makeup routine and it helped cover up my redness a lot! I really love this foundation and depending on your skin it could dry down matte or dewy I recommend this foundation 100%.

And the face mask are very refreshing and rejuvenating, there left my skin feeling so smooth and hydrated I love them. I also recommend the face sheet mask 100%.