Review: Lucci

Skintype : Combination
Location : Dallas | Hong Kong

I am a huge fan of all things beauty and facial related. Being able to detox through face masks is one of my biggest go to! Currently, I have a pretty basic skincare routine by washing my face with scrubs and cleansers, then moisturizing after. Due to my skin being both oily and dry, it's important that I use products that only benefit my skin. When it comes to doing my makeup, I’m always looking for the quickest routine, you’re always on the go! My current makeup habit is just overdoing concealer to cover my blemishes and adding bronzer to tan out my face. 

The Honey Jarret Cushion Foundation is a perfect contribution to my makeup routine, and overall my skin. Typically foundations are in a liquid format sold in either a bottle or solid format that is in a beauty stick. What I love about the cushion foundation is how easy (and simple!) it is to apply to the skin. It's perfect for a quick full-faced makeup look, and the sponge makes it that much easier to pat in. The pigment itself matches my skin tone as I currently use the Peach Ivory. Its high coverage is ideal to cover any red spots or unnecessary blemishes, which are so common as a teenager. As well as the way it works with my skin displaying a matte finish and blending in easily, and lasting for a full day. 

Although it's important to treat your skin after using makeup and after a stressful day, which is why the Honey Jarret Super Beau’tea Mask Rose is ideal. It is beyond moisturizing and cleansing as soon as it's applied t the face, which helps my dry/oily skin gain the right moisture. The excess serum is also great to massage into places that are still dry or need an extra boost. I love how natural and glowy my skin looks after using this mask, and the scent of roses just makes the experience all worthwhile.