Review: Vidalys

Age : 29
Skintype : Combination
Location : Chicago
Occupation : Mom of 3 little girls

Honey Jarret isn’t a foundation I have ever tried before. I was very surprised on how it settled on my skin and literally looked like my skin! My skin looked airbrushed and glowy. I’ve found most foundations I’ve used tend to move, crack and set into my smile lines and under eyes but the Honey Jarret cushion foundation didn’t! I was in utter shock I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. It felt very comfortable to wear and had a dense texture that allows the skin to breathe all day long and that it did!

 Its packed with high nutritional content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Not many foundations have clean ingredients like this one does which sets this foundation apart from the rest. I have found an actual foundation that will benefit my skin while wearing it, how amazing is that!

The packaging is beautiful and really thought out. You can take it with you really anywhere since it’s so compact and it comes with a mirror plus a sponge applicator. It has a light fresh scent which I absolutely love. It’s definitely a foundation I would wear everyday. It’s a 10/10 foundation for sure! I would highly recommend the Honey Jarret cushion foundation!